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  • Company Equity Valuation, Fund Raising, M&A

SG Systems can provide company valuation models for merger and acquisition activities, venture capital or other forms of fund raising, and for stakeholder information. 


Venture Capital / Fund Raising


Few start-up firms survive to maturity on the basis of a single round of financing. It is the nature of the venture capital paradigm that companies consume cash in their early stages at unforeseen instances and at alarming rates. Not only must products be developed, but in the classic venture capital scenario, a new market must be penetrated and sometimes even created.


SG Systems can develop optimized portfolio valuation models which are rolled up into company equity valuation models that can demonstrate the future worth of investing in your firm.  The entire modeling system is typically interlinked where a change in one, let's say change one product from using an in-house sales team to out-licensing the distribution, will ripple through and reflect the accurate effect of this modification in business strategy.


SG Systems' modeling for VC and fund raising efforts can help you obtain the necessary rounds of funding needed to expand and grow your business.


Expand or die.  --  Roman Empire


Mergers and Acquisitions


Companies in various states of maturity are not only confronted by the day-to-day operations of their business, but are continually evaluating the pros and cons of either selling their firm, buying another company, or considering possible synergies between itself and potential merger partners.  It is the constant evaluation of maximizing value to the stakeholders that creates the need for M&A.


SG Systems can implement financial models that will not only show your firm's value, but the value of the other company of interest.  If you plan of purchasing another company, selling your company to another, or merging with another company, you would certainly be interested in the true value of that firm and a good financial model will give you a transparent view of the potential transaction.  The model can then highlight points of sensitivity and clarify any deal terms that may be required to satiate all parties. 


Cash flow models are utilized extensively along with NPV Split models to illustrate how a merger or acquisition financially affects all involved companies.  In addition, the use of options within the sphere of M&A activities is growing.  Purchasing an option from the firm of interest can significantly effect the value of the deal and these options need to be accounted for in the deal terms portion of the modeling system.


Stakeholder Information


Stakeholders in any financial venture want to know how much their holding are worth.  Whether you need a firm equity valuation to satisfy lending institutions, board members, or equity holding employees, SG Systems can put together a robust financial modeling package that will suit your needs.




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