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  • Licensing and Partnering -- Structuring of Terms

One of the most important aspects of licensing and partnering has to do with the structuring of terms.  You may have the greatest product but without a reliable, cogent, and dedicated sales channel you might as well open a lemonade stand.  Conversely, you may possess a smart and entrenched sales force with outstanding contacts in the industry, but without a good product to sell you're treading water.  Detailed, transparent, accurate, and user-friendly modeling of financial deal terms is extremely critical if you want to maximize the value of your firm. 


SG Systems can deliver exceedingly detailed models that accurately reflect all aspects of the deal terms and will easily allow on-the-fly modifications to the deal terms that propagate through the entire modeling system.  Upfront payments, numerous milestone payments, options, and various royalty rates with multiple threshold points are part of the deal term modeling that SG Systems can put together and will not only show you what the deal is worth, but will show how much the deal is worth to your partner.  SG Systems will pour over all of the licensing agreements to make sure no rock is left unturned and no detail, however simple or complex, is left out of the modeling system.


Cash flow models are utilized extensively along with NPV Split models to illustrate how a licensing deal or partnership financially affects all involved companies. 




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