Data Analysis and Financial Modeling Services for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.






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Financial models, market models, revenue models, pricing models, discounted cash flow models, DCF models, NPV models


SG Systems can perform financial evaluation and risk analysis of R&D / discovery / early-mid-stage-late phase products, marketed products, service offerings, product & service portfolios, company valuation, licensing, and optimal deal term models.


SG Systems can deliver:

  • detailed financial models highlighting project, product, service, and company value

  • expected value analysis / real options modeling based on current environmental conditions including risk, competition, efficacy, abandonment, and distribution, among many others

  • market models and sales forecasts based on populations, access to product, and many other situational variables

  • interactive, online (secure internet or intranet applications) sales forecasting tools for individual sales representatives, sales managers, and upper management

  • revenue models subject to competitive forces, regulatory hurdles, and distribution channels

  • very user-friendly expense models allowing for quick trade-offs and 'what if' characterizations including milestones / upfront payment analysis

  • out-licensing versus in-house department development trade-off analysis / models

  • deal term models / terms analysis

  • cash flow models reflecting the real-world scenarios and capitalization requirements

SG systems can provide ongoing and on-site:

  • quantitative and qualitative analysis to support project "go / no-go" decisions

  • expense optimization analysis to reduce the bottom line / increase profit margins

  • product efficacy effect analysis and how slight changes in product profiles impact project goals

  • gap and variance analysis to help keep projects on-track

  • merger and acquisition decision analysis

  • training and tutoring of personnel in the use of various analysis tools

  • training material development

  • support for the strategic planning process



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